About Me

I am a designer of online and offline experiences, combining creativity with code, and team spirit with ambition.

I am naturally curious for the world. In my exploration of life, I seek out the red thread connecting my interests – the intersection of design & technology. My passion is organising information in a visually striking way, and bringing complex ideas to life with technology. I won’t stop sweating the details until something is absolutely perfect, but I’m not afraid to experiment and embrace failure as a valuable learning experience.

I lead the change with an upbeat energy and a great willingness to share and learn from the people around me. My enthusiasm is driven by pride in my work, as well as the desire to build community by being radically transparent and optimistic, and by finding ways to add an element of fun to lighten the mood – after all, no sentence is complete without an emoji (or three).

Let’s get in touch and talk about changing the world.

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