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Hi! I'm Zeno.(You probably figured that out already)

I make experiences that make me smile, and help people be their best selves.

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    Creativity and code

    My passion is organising information in a visually striking way, and bringing complex ideas to life with technology. I am naturally curious for the world, and love exploring big ideas while collaborating across disciplines.

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    Invisible tools

    I love the concept of digital tools: Interfaces that help you create, work, discover, and grow in any way you find important – without being in your way.

  • Polish every pixel

    Call me a devil, cause I'm up in those details. Interfaces are so much more than just static screens: they have loading states, page transitions, edge cases and more. My favourite thing is enriching interfaces with animations and interactivity.

(Micro) Blog

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Occasionally I write something about one of my side projects. For more regular nonsense you can check out my Mastodon.

Highlighted Projects


Crisp is a grocery store app for locally sourced fresh food. Its mission is to improve the food system by effortlessly bringing better food to more people.

As Product Designer I help make the app look good and work smoothly, with involvement in the entire product chain: conducting user research, feature discovery, designing iterations in Figma, speccing tickets for developers, testing implementation, building and releasing to users, and monitoring adoption by writing SQL and dashboards.

My biggest achievement is the newly-launched Weekbox, our take on mealkits and a whole new paradigm for Crisp. I have designed every flow, from onboarding to cancellation, helped tailor the core proposition, and helped steer the rollout to production.

Beyond that I have contributed dozens of new features to the app, helped solve hundreds of bugs, set up the design system from scratch, regularly shipped the app to alpha / beta / production, led internal team meetings, and presented inspiration sessions to the whole company.

Created with code!

As the first Design Engineer at online recording platform Riverside, I bridged the gap between the design and development teams by designing new features and creating prototypes, animations and code examples that would enhance the product further. I also set up and maintained the Riverside Design System.

The feature I'm most proud of is the Media Board, which lets you upload, preview, and record audio and video in your online studio. Small details such as the design of the Preview/Live toggle and the Grid View inspired by Launchpads were a delight to work on.

From the moment he joined, Zeno played an important role in shaping Riverside’s UI and UX. He brought structure to our new design team by independently conducting user research, collaborating across teams, and setting up an extensive component library in Figma. He thinks like a developer when he needs to, which has made implementation a breeze and made our product shine.
Nadav Keyson, CEO and Co-Founder at Riverside.fm


Carried out in the scope of the MA Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island UK, my graduation thesis examines flow in digital tools, and aims to provide a new model to help digital designers create interfaces that cause (more) flow.

Check out the 15-minute summary video below

Check out the full thesis

I tried my hardest to make it anything but dry

This is a very valuable piece of work with a clear deep understanding of the issue in the area and a realistic, understandable model delivered in a very professional and academically robust manner.
Mick Stockton, Assessor at Teesside University
The flow funnel is giving me and the team a better understanding and a handle to talk about the difference in skill/experience levels of our users. It was a revelation to see this mapped.
Davey van der Woert, Senior Front End Engineer at The Engineering Company

Dutch Coding Company

Dutch Coding Company is a web & app studio based in Eindhoven. I have had the pleasure of working with them on multiple projects, from mobile apps to animation-enriched websites. As part of their website redesign, I got to add animations and page transitions in numerous places.

To accompany the beautiful videos they made, I created a number of 3D device components that would spin- or flip around as you scrolled the page. In places where a handmade video couldn't be made, the device frame could be filled with a screen recording, and it would mirror the 3D transforms made by the device. Another highlight is the website's main menu, which includes staggered animations and a smoothly rippling wave at the bottom.

Zeno works end-user focussed, with a critical, introspective attitude and tremendous work ethic. However, the secret sauce is his attention for detail - the little animations and micro interactions - that elevates everything to a blissful experience.
Glenn Bergmans, Business Director at Dutch Coding Company


In 2015 I was approached by a group of authors to collaborate on a special project: a website about the serious side of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Everything about Eurostory is custom-built with attention to detail: a specialised block editor, a rich database of contest info, SEO optimisations, and a sleek design.

To top it off, during the Song Contest itself I get to make short vlogs about my experiences, finding my way as a videographer.

Zeno is the perfect example of a multifaceted designer. He is perfectly able to translate our wishes into a well functioning, beautiful interface, but he also comes up with ideas we didn't know we wanted to incorporate – but we do. It's been a constant joy to work with him.
Edward van de Vendel, author


DebaTable is a technologically enhanced meeting table that mediates discussions and stimulates time-efficient debates.

It works by measuring and then visualising each participant’s speaking time within the past minutes. Additionally, a slowly expanding circle in the middle shows the discussion time left per topic, as voted on by each participant.

In his Final Bachelor Project, Zeno clearly demonstrated his time at the University shaped him into a skilled designer with an eye for detail and one who is never afraid to learn new things. I very much appreciated his 'making approach’ in this project and have always been impressed with his professional attitude and his reflective stance.
Joep Frens, assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design

Other Projects


I had the honour of being interviewed by Edward van de Vendel in a book about LGBTQ+ youth called "Gloei". After a successful book launch, we started an interview podcast with the same name: "Gloei, the podcast".

Edward interviews a member of the LGBTQ+ community about their life. Afterwards, he reads a poem inspired by that person. Each episode is accompanied by custom art work. I was in charge of the audio and hosting.


Every now and then I partake in a 48 hour coding challenges, for example at Junction. Past challengers included Spotify and BlackRock – both of whom awarded our projects with a prize.

I have detailed the various projects over on my Blog.

Board Year

Wervingsdagen is responsible for organising the largest career events of the Eindhoven University of Technology, helping 160 companies with 3700 students. I learned to collaborate with my fellow board members, work with 9 study associations, and maintain professional attitude towards client companies.

Light Art

Intermedia is an interactive light installation made for light art festival GLOW Eindhoven 2016. I programmed its 3 visualisations using a pretty complex technology stack (Kinect sensors, local networking, beamers, adaptive soundtrack). The result was a wonderful experience, with many strangers connecting with each other through a screen.

Get in touch

I'm @zenoachtig (It's funny in Dutch) pretty much everywhere.