Jul '17 - Jul '18 Ambition, Print, Reality Board Year Visit Website



Commissioner Public Relations + Commissioner Website

  • Graphic Design
  • Group Communication
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Project Planning
  • Social Media

The Wervingsdagen are responsible for organising the biggest career events for students of Eindhoven University of Technology. As Commissioner of Public Relations I promoted these events to the students by setting up large-scale promotion campaigns and stunts. As Commissioner Website I maintained the newly launched portal on which students can subscribe for our events.

Over the course of one year, I worked tirelessly to deliver tons of career opportunities to TU/e students by organising three big events:

  • The Skill Sessions, a week filled with free workshops about soft skills and personal development.
  • The Career Expo, a huge two-day career fair, where thousands of students meet hundreds of companies.
  • The Interviewing Days, a week-long recruitment event, during which students can meet potential employers in one-on-one conversations.
Group Communication

This year featured the most taxing group projects I have ever taken up. Together with 7 other board members I was in charge of a massive organisation helping thousands of students. In both my PR and Website tasks I had a job mate, with whom I planned out the tasks at hand and split up work in a fair way. In evaluations I was characterised as ambitious and hard-working, while also being a social creature who kept the group together.

Public Relations

Throughout my board year I got to know the different communities on campus, and learned how to tailor the campaign to these groups by changing out photography, wording and aspects of the event. The year taught me how to effectively promote to different target audiences, and made me more confident in public speaking as well.

In order to stand out to students we worked together with graphic design agency Krb. to create the year-long marketing campaign¬†“Light up your future”. I refined the base concept Krb. came up with, planned out fitting photography, and made sure all promotion materials we commissioned (such as guides and booklets) were correct and looked slick. Furthermore, I created hundreds of custom campaign assets myself for use in university buildings, goodies we ordered, and on social media. I sharpened my Photoshop and Illustrator capabilities, and also learned how to set up large-scale promotion stunts efficiently.


The Wervingsdagen employ an online student portal where you can subscribe for our events.  During my year a new version of this portal, developed in the year before me, was deployed and used at our events for the first time. I worked all year to stress-test the online infrastructure and worked together with the web design agency to develop new features and iron out bugs where needed. While I did not do as much programming as I might have anticipated beforehand, I learned a lot about creating specific requirements for the to-be-developed modules, communicate efficiently with the bureau, and keep an eye on the available budget for the website.