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Designer, Developer, Webmaster, Videographer

  • Content Strategy
  • Group Communication
  • Programming
  • Social Media
  • UX Design
  • Video Production

In 2015 I was approached by a group of authors to collaborate on a special project: a website about theĀ serious side of the Eurovision Song Contest. The custom-built WordPress website features a custom article editor, a rich database of contest info, and a sleek-and-serious design. During the Song Contest itself, I got to make short vlogs about my experiences there, finding my way as a videographer.

Eurostory sets out to document the story behind every song at the Eurovision Song Contest. They do this by applying literary analysis on the song lyrics, and by interviewing participants from all throughout history, ranging from the very first edition in 1956 all the way up to 2018 and beyond. Eurostory is not interested in the glamour or the gossip, but rather in the experience of performing in front of an audience of continental scale, the stories that are told there, and the lifelong aftermath of that one performance.


From the start it was clear that Eurostory was something different than other fan-sites, and thus required a serious design. The website heavily relies on media and uses a simple colour scheme (grayscale + shades of dark purple) to call out certain features and important articles. By keeping the design simple, users are led down a clear path towards the rich content we have to offer. This way anyone simply looking up a song from five years ago will quickly click through to all the in-depth interviews they have to offer.

Database & SEO

The most important page has turned out to be the Song Contest database. All editions and all entries are shown here, together with scorings of the entry and a video of the performance. Thanks to rigorous search engine optimisation (SEO), many Google users find the Eurostory website, and the page itself has been designed to funnel users towards the relevant articles for every entry


In order to provide readers with data-driven articles and provide the ability to add background information next to the article, a custom article editor was created, built on top of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. This allows authors to write their stories and to easily embed graphs, contestant info, videos and links to other articles next to pieces of content.