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Sumatra Software


Front-end Designer & Developer

  • Programming
  • UX Design
  • Web Animation

Together with Dutch Coding Company I helped Sumatra Software towards a new, User Experience-focused design for their data analytics tool.

Sumatra allows companies with big datasets to monitor anything about their company: whether it’s financial health, logistics, or employee performance, the dashboards of Sumatra let administrators ask questions and get answers within a single screen.

Through interviews with the Sumatra developers we got a clear idea of which components of the software design to keep the same, and which to toss. After that a design style was created by extensive moodboarding, approval from the client and Sketch mockups of a finished dashboard design. We introduced a new icon set and an additional dark colour scheme to match the existing light scheme, and made sure it worked across the entire design.

Once the design direction was known, we created detailed designs of every dashboard element. To make the design come to life we created an interactive dashboard using Vue2.js.

Combining design knowledge, prototyping skills and programming skills, I delivered a new look and feel to the Sumatra data analytics tool that will take them into the future.