Jan '16 - Jul '16 Reality, Study Industrial Design Project


  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Group Communication
  • Interaction Design
  • Programming

During the first project at the faculty of Industrial Design, together with a group I focused on the interaction between humans and their interaction with their environment as they’re being transported by an autonomous vehicle. The result is RADAR: a concept of an augmented reality interface, projected onto the passenger window, showing you more information about your journey and your surroundings.

The role of passengers during car trips is usually very passive and non-interactive. There is very little to do for people except for staring at their phones or sleeping and they are often of little use to the people in the front seats. If they even bother to look outside this is often out of boredom and on the rare occasions that there is something worthwhile to see through the window, such as a ruin in the distance, people are left wondering what it actually is.

RADAR changes this by making the window more than just a transparent wall between the passengers and their environment. By projecting information about your route on the window, RADAR makes it fun to look around, and teaches you about the landscape or city you are driving through.

In the first few weeks I had my usual “grip” on the project, coordinating the meetings and the ideation. As the project progressed, I gave more control away to the other group members, making the project a shared responsibility. This taught me that I don’t always need to be in control of the entire process in order to create a beautiful end result.

My goals for this project focused on me becoming a full-fledged design student, practicing brainstorming, communicating visually and learning how to work with my hands. Most of these things I practiced thoroughly in this project. I started drawing sketches to help in our ideation, to visualise our concepts immediately. I also started drawing basic technical drawings to aid in our production of prototypes. I have not stopped sketching to communicate. It has become a proper routine, something I feel quite proud of.