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  • Graphic Design
  • Group Communication
  • Interaction Design
  • Programming
  • Prototyping
  • Wayfinding

Mijksenaar is a design and consulting agency that specializes in wayfinding. Their designs and advice help millions of people find their way in public and semi-public environments every day, all over the world.

I have had my eye on Mijksenaar for a few years now, ever since I heard about their work for Schiphol. I like how wayfinding forms an “invisible layer” on top of reality, and how it abstracts buildings into flows and decision points, no matter how they are designed.

During my internship, I was part of multiple projects, with varying teams and stages of development. My goal was twofold: learn “traditional” wayfinding from industry experts, and learn to use my knowledge of digital systems within a real company. As such, I strived to keep the projects I took on as varied as possible.