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FRWRD Festival


Front-end Developer & Designer

  • Programming
  • UX Design
  • Web Animation

A futuristic festival calls for a futuristic website. The website of upcoming dance festival FRWRD delivers on this promise by combining advanced web animation with minute attention to detail.

The knowledge and skills of Brainport Eindhoven and the expertise and experience of the dance- and festival industry come together in FRWRD: a festival focused on technological innovations and a next level dance-experience.

WebGL Technology

The main goal of the website was to create a captivating and impressive user experience, that would clearly communicate the technological feeling of the festival. To this end, I decided to create a “grand opening” using Three.js, a Javascript library for making 3D animations right in your browser. It was my first time using Three.js to create such an experience, and I learned a lot about camera positioning and interactivity this way.

Enriching the experience

The website needed to feel slick and “alive”, every interaction had to be a nice surprise. This concept of a living, breathing design was carried by extensive use of CSS3 animations, to add flair to every suitable element. Every content card and input box sports a randomly generated geometric shape that slowly transforms as you read or click through the website. By spending hours refining the movement of these boxes, or the way submit buttons “collapse” and zip away like a data stream, the website got the futuristic feeling it deserved.