Sep '13 - Sep '16 Ambition, Print, Web Visit Website



Art Director + Webmaster

  • Graphic Design
  • Programming
  • UX Design

Leading a team of 15+ graphical designers in creating bimonthly edition of Expreszo, the biggest LGBT+ youth magazine of the Netherlands. When Expreszo moved from a paper publication to online, I helped in developing the web platform, creating the theme and modules of the website.

Together with a web design agency I created an online version of the popular LGBT+ magazine Expreszo. The site features news articles, as well as in-depth interviews, culture, lifestyle, and opinion pieces. Every category has its own colour coding, which returns in many places in the article interface. The website combines a clean, uncluttered reading experience with a proud, colourful design.

This website taught me a lot about WordPress theme development, as the entire website theme was created from scratch. The Advanced Custom Fields plugin powers a large part of the interface, and the plugin BuddyPress powers the social part. Both have been a big help to me in development.