B1.1 Course DBB210 Creative Programming

Heart Rate Rings

  • Technology & Realisation
  • Creativity & Aesthetics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Programming & Electronics

Within this course I created two different programs: the first generated a number of circle arcs at random in order to form futuristic-looking poster designs. The second took this same algorithm and applied live data in the form of a heartbeat sensor. The faster your heart beat was, the quicker the circles would spin. It would also beat in realtime with your heart.

I already had a lot of knowledge of web programming languages and -principles, but still was excited to be starting on code “for the computer” too. I learned to program in Processing and Arduino, which would become my main tools in the years to come. This also required me to learn about more “low-level” programming with less memory safety, required type disclosure, and more. During the second challenge I learned the basics of object-oriented programming, which opened up a whole new way of thinking about my code.

Lastly, I was so intrigued by the graphics I could generate that I started envisioning a range of possible applications for them (e.g. as a “more human” heart rate monitor), translating quantitative data into a more emotional display.

Credits (top to bottom, left to right)

Cover Video | by Zeno Kapitein
Cover Photo / Figure 1 | by Zeno Kapitein