B2.2 Course DZB120 Exploratory Sketching

Exploratory Sketching

  • Creativity & Aesthetics
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Exploratory Sketching
  • Ideation Techniques

In this course, I picked up multiple techniques for creating “designerly looking” sketches. I also learned to brainstorm through sketching, coming up with new shapes or ideas and immediately getting them on paper.

The course was far from an easy one from me. I started out with little true sketching experience, no more than the ability to draw stick figures and some tips I picked up during Basic Formgiving Skills. Similar to that course, I felt myself gaining confidence every week, even though the process remained difficult throughout.

In the beginning, I had very little technique and wasn’t sure how to get something on paper. I felt more and more comfortable with “killing the blank page” and starting to draw perspectives out of nothing. I learned to analyse objects by decomposing them to simple shapes and learned to generate new objects out of nothing by going the reverse direction. Eventually, I started to brainstorm through sketching, by letting my hand follow my brain and explore how different shapes would “feel” visually.

Credits (top to bottom, left to right)

Cover Photo | by Zeno Kapitein
Figure 1 | by Zeno Kapitein
Figure 2 | by Zeno Kapitein
Figure 3 | by Zeno Kapitein
Figure 4 | by Zeno Kapitein
Figure 5 | by Zeno Kapitein