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Dutch Coding Company


Developer & Designer

  • Technology & Realisation
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Skills
  • Group Communication
  • Programming & Electronics
  • UX Design
  • Working with Stakeholders

Dutch Coding Company (DCC) is a quickly-growing software studio situated in Microlab at Strijp-S. Over the past years I have built a number of different (web- and app-) systems for them and their clients.

A small overview of different projects I have done with them:

  • FRWRD Festival: I got to create a website that went “all-out” on web animation and user experience, learning WebGL in the process.
  • Spotify Crowd: We developed a whole new product and revenue stream for Spotify, and won a prize at Europe’s biggest hackathon.
  • Sumatra Software: I researched different design systems, then came up with my own for this Business Intelligence dashboarding tool.
  • BLNQ: I created my first-ever native smartphone app through Google’s new Flutter framework for building apps.

The company’s very best assets are its friendly and student-minded team and atmosphere, as well as its culture of learning. Within each project I have been challenged to go beyond what I already knew, learn new skills, communicate with clients in a professional manner, and learn to make my code secure and understandable by colleagues.

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